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1. What is living juice?

veggie-basketThe concept of Living Juice was first introduced by Dr Norman Walker (1874-1983). Walker declared that the vital enzymes in fruit and vegetable juices die at temperatures which exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Walker said that any juice extractor which used a high speed blade or centrifuge, created friction heat leading to the destruction of enzymes.

OSCAR is rotating at a low 80 rpm, producing no heat around the auger and ensuring a living juice without any loss of enzymes or nutrients.

After Walker retired, Max Gerson took over his work and enjoyed success for his achievements using living juice therapies for people with cancer.

Dr Gerson has used living juices in the treatment of cancer patients for over 30 years.

2. How does OSCAR produce more juice?

The unique extraction process of the OSCAR operates gently at a low rpm to unlock vital living enzymes, minerals and vitamins from the fruit and vegetable fibre. OSCAR's low speed stonemill-like auger, operating between 63 to 80 rpm, allows the food to be juiced again and again, removing a maximum amount of juice.

3. Is it true that OSCAR is quieter than other juicers?

Yes. In past tests comparing the OSCAR with other leading juicers on the market,

OSCAR was considerably quieter than all other juicers tested.

You only have to hear OSCAR to get a pleasant surprise. When you get up in the morning to make a delicious juice for yourself or the family, we promise you will not wake up the neighbours!

4. Is the OSCAR easy to clean and how many parts does it come with?

OSCAR comes with 19 parts which includes 6 x noodle nozzles. A diagram of the parts is set out below:




Please note that the adjustable pressure cap includes a juicing nozzle with an "O" ring, pressure cap and pulp ejection cover, a total of three parts. For juicing there are only 8 parts which are used which is why cleaning the parts is quick and easy. Maximum 2 minutes! 


Assemble and wash transcription:

In this video we will be demonstrating how to clean and assemble the OSCAR DA1000. We will begin by showing you how to assemble your OSCAR for juicing.

First take the drum, insert the auger, the juicing strainer following the grooves along the bottom of the drum, turn counterclockwise to attach the drum cap, attach the pressure cap and adjust to the best position, 5 for hard root vegetables and leafy greens and 2 or 3 for softer citrus fruit.

Attach the juicing assembled drum to the motor, attach the hopper. You are now ready to begin juicing.

Wash, dry and assemble your OSCAR DA1000 in less than two minutes.

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After you're done juicing remove the juicing drum from the motor, bring it to the sink, remove the adjustable pressure cap, the drum cap, the auger and juicer strainer. Rinse in warm water, place in the drying rack. To make it easy for you to clean the small screen on the juicing strainer, your OSCAR comes with a small brush. Use the brush to clean inside and outside the screen. When the parts are dry it's ready to reassemble.

First take the drum, insert the auger, insert the juicing strainer along grooves at the bottom of the drum, attach the drum cap, attach the pressure cap, and attach the juicing assembly to the motor and the hopper on top of the drum.

For more information please visit www.OSCARjuicers.co.nz.

5. Is it okay to put OSCAR parts into the dishwasher?

No. Wash all the parts in the kitchen sink using detergent and hot/warm water.

6. When I juice carrots, beetroot and other highly coloured vegetables, the inside of the drum cap and nozzle get discoloured. Is there a way to remove these stains?

Yes there is. Soak the parts in bicarbonate of soda or white vinegar or citric acid. Olive oil is also effective. Remember that vegetable stains are on the inside of the machine where no one sees them and vegetable stains are safe.

7. What else will OSCAR do?

FAQ_Image_2.jpgOSCAR will not only extract the juice from fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, like spinach and wheatgrass and herbs, but can be used as a seasoning chopper for garlic, onion, red and green pepper and ginger.
OSCAR will make pasta and noodles, nut butter, fruit sorbets and ice-cream. (Recipes supplied.)


8. Will OSCAR separate the juice from the pulp?

Yes. The juice falls into the juice bowl and the pulp is automatically ejected through the nozzle and falls into the pulp bowl.


9. What is OSCAR made of?

OSCAR is a solid juicer made from hygienic and heavy duty polycarbonate. The motor is a ¼ HP single phase induction motor engineered for a long life. OSCAR now comes with a full twenty five (25) year warranty on the motor and gearbox and a full five year warranty on all the parts and labour.

Dear customer, please note we have so much confidence in our OSCAR juice extractor that we provide the best guarantee in New Zealand. We are a New Zealand company providing you with a full parts and service guarantee.

10. How much is OSCAR?

OSCAR is available in New Zealand for NZ$569.00 (GST inclusive) including delivery.

We only sell OSCAR in New Zealand. We do not export the juicer from New Zealand.

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