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Health Coach Karen McCallum

What is Health Coach Karen McCallum saying about the fabulous 'OSCAR juicer'?

The easiest thing you can do to contribute to feeling great is introduce more raw fruit and vegetables into your daily nutrition and 'OSCAR' is so quick and easy and efficient producing valuable health-giving nutrients to add dynamically to your wellbeing.

In fact when I invested in my OSCAR juicer I purchased one for my Mum - can't think of a better health giving gift, I want her to be around for a long time to come. Mum said within two weeks she was feeling more energetic and that it was so easy to use.

If you want to know how in easy do-able steps join us for the next 6 week workshop towards a healthier, happier and successfully energetic you, starting soon or book in for your own personal consultation/coaching session - you will be pleased you did!

Nutrition is a key to shift all levels of wellbeing - good quality food also includes our mental nutrition - good literature, good music, poetry, and art - what can be called 'soul food'. Entertainment that provoke laughter and joy has immediate elevation to you feel-good factor. Yoga/breathing exercises/meditation is a great example of exercise that works all levels - mental & emotional & physical (for some a spiritual journey). Relaxing and slowing down and paying attention to your inner space of vital energy is the key objective to conscious health & healing.

Detoxification and rejuvenation are inter-connected it can be said that the health of an individual is largely determined by the ability of the body to detoxify. Programmes at Health Central are designed to work with your life and your values, paced to meet your level of wellbeing and supported to maximize benefits for both mind & body.

Health - the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease

Health is Central to being happy - they go together and the happier and healthier the more you can tap into your 'true success' and living more of the real fabulous you!

drink.jpgSuper charge your life - integral positive health

Mind-body wellness/healing is an intelligent approach to energize you and your life. The best 'conscious wellness programmes' include all domains of your life and strive for positive vitality and joy and lead to an expansion of life energy to do the things that truly matter to you.

The inability to show up as your best limits your self expression and dis-ease within our mind-body can be a fantastic opportunity and maybe even a very loud wake-up call to shift positively in some level of your life.

There are many underlying causes for health decline;

Most understand the challenges of health at the physical level as the symptoms raise our attention but at what level is the cause i.e. mental suppression of feelings at the heart level will cause suppression of the immune systems (the mind and body are inter-connected cannot influence one without the other positively or negatively).

Let's get focused on health promotion rather than moving away from dis-ease states. Positive health is not just caring for our body but also including our mental & emotional lives…at Health Central we work with all levels of wellbeing from the chronically unwell to the well person wanting to live a vital and vibrant expression of themselves and live fully their passions and values.

The best plan for elevating your expression of health is putting a personal step by step programme into action;

Foundational synergistic health factors - nutrition, fitness, rest, lifestyle balance, stress management, loving your life…

1. Prioritizing action in the areas you are losing energy to so you are more resilient and resourceful day to day.

2. Deeper shifts come when you can bring intention & consciousness to your mind and emotions and to lift your meaningful self expression and direct your life realizing your true potential day to day.

Positive health - requires of you to pay attention to what is happening inside as well as your external life experiences. Learning to quieten your mind and bring concentration and focus comes with meditation & mindfulness practices (join our next workshops). Once you can enter the domain of pre-conscious thought you can bring awareness to your conditioned thoughts that are problematic and be in choice to make shifts towards health enhancing thoughts. Then moving from your thoughts to your feeling experience and having a wider and more effective range of emotions to move through the ups and downs coping well and even thriving in situations that in the past your emotional choice has been limiting.

Vital energy - how many people do you know that are in positive radiant health? These people not only influence themselves profoundly but also those they spend time with. These states of health are within the reach of all of us but available only if we are ready to bring consciousness to our day to day lives with the right choices to elevate our vital energy.

Need a little kick start to boost your inspiration & energy book your first appointment, come along to either personal coaching sessions or join a small group of about 6-10 in a fun 6 week workshop - 2 hours a week aimed to do just that inspire and energize

Let's get going…whether your 'stretch' is to start, stop or achieve you need to get into action.

Enrich your life by investing in you today - join our next 6 weeks to a healthier, happier and successful YOU! Contact Health Central to book in for the next workshop starting soon…

Coaching & Workshops held at Health Central Coaching & Clinic premises;
36 St Marys Rd, PonsonbyHealth Central Coaching and Clinic

If you would like more information please email or phone me: 
Phone 360 1149

More about Karen McCallum Potential & Wellbeing Coach
'Coaching you to be happy, healthy and successful and loving your life!'


o Personalized Coaching - take time for you and your life
o Wellbeing Consultations - energize & vitalize now
o Life vision programmes - integrated design for your success & happiness
o Positive & success enhancing workshops - freedom to awaken to new possibilities

*** power to shape and direct your life

'The coaching & workshop space at Health Central'

Karen's style of coaching is personalized to meet your needs and what you want to achieve in your sessions. For the past 15 years Karen has been working in the areas of wellbeing and awakening personal potential for her clients. Health Central's main focus is to provide an integrative coaching process & workshops that support you and your life by removing the blocks and/or increasing your *Wellbeing *Success & *Happiness.

The coaching process is about developing you to enhance your results and your future. Karen will tailor what adds most value from her broad range of life enhancing skills to meet the gap between where you are currently and where you want to be ideally.

NLP master practitioner and trainer - NLP is what works in the field of psychology, it helps Karen to work with your mind and emotions in very positive ways…Karen's avid study and practice in positive & spiritual & energy psychology, neuro-science embrace integrative mind and body programmes, well rounded to each client. Intuitively Karen can connect and understand 'your model of the world' and help you to dump limits and expand desired possibilities along with your potential.

Nutrition and Lifestyle advisor - balance in what we eat and how we live matter

Naturopath - GP of natural medicine, enhancing mind & body wellbeing

Medical Herbalist - plant medicine is truly magnificent to support all levels of wellbeing - mental, emotional and physical 
(dispensary available at clinic for herbal and nutrient medicines)

Massage therapy may be part of a coaching programme to support the release of stress and enhance relaxation and positivity.

Look forward to seeing you soon and adding to your ability to live your best life and leap into your feel-good factor today!

Karen McCallum
Mind-body Coach - increasing wellbeing & realizing your full potential



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