Privacy Policy


Commited to Privacy


At Tasman Trading we are committed to ensuring the privacy of our visitors and customers. Under no circumstances will our visitors or customers data including email addresses or meta data be given to any third partie

Tasman Trading is fully dedicated to the complete privacy of all customer information. For customers purchasing goods through Tasman Trading the required purchase information is guaranteed to remain confidential. Under no circumstances will Tasman Trading sell or share your personal information with a third party that is not directly involved with your transaction.

If you have any questions about this security/privacy statement or the practices of this site, please contact us via email or write to:

Tasman Trading

PO Box 7268,

Mid Avenue,

Wanganui, 4541.

Security and Encryption

Our order processing system only accepts information from secure browsers. These browsers encrypt the information they send using a networking protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which scrambles the data to prevent anyone who may intercept the information from reading it. The entire order processing session - customer information, addresses, purchase selections, and credit card information is protected in transit over the Internet by the SSL technology. Thus, before customer information ever leaves their computer, it is encrypted and protected by our security measures.

Returns Policy

If you wish to return the product you purchased or cancel your order we will only agree to do this after consultation with you and provided we feel there is a valid reason for processing a refund, or exchange.

Simply changing your mind is not a valid reason under the Consumer Guarantees Act. In this situation we may still consider refunding your purchase, however there will be a charge for doing so to cover our costs. We always send out goods in brand new condition and so we have to have all returned goods re-boxed and checked by our technician - this costs us 5% of the total sale price, plus a $40 admin fee. Freight from your address back to us will be at your cost and responsibility.

Any return will only be accepted based on the above and if the product is undamaged and in the same condition as when it was shipped to you.



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