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Are we Letting our Children Down…

kids juicing vegetablesChildhood obesity in New Zealand has increased by over 40% in the last 6 years. According to the latest New Zealand Ministry of Health Survey, one in nine Kiwi children aged 2 to 14 years-are obese and another 22% are overweight.

Poor nutrition and obesity in NZ children is fast becoming a serious problem. Children who suffer from poor nutrition are more likely to be overweight, more likely to suffer from diabetes, and cardiovascular disease among a host of other terrible afflictions in adulthood. 

Professor Barry Taylor told the New Zealand Herald in June of 2013: "Obesity in Children is a public health disaster; it is a tragedy at the personal, family and social levels”.

The US Center for Disease Control and the NZ Ministry of Health recommends children consume 1-2 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables per day depending on age, gender and physical activity. Are your children getting their daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables?

Regular varied fruit and vegetables are critical to our children’s weight management, immune system, growth, vitality and overall health.


upset girlTHE PROBLEM

The problem is processed foods, poor health education and a lack of access to clear information.

Oh and let’s be honest, busy schedules, tough times and constant battles with our kids trying to get them to eat things they hate the taste of! As parents we often relent and settle.






…a healthy equation

Oscar's Solution

The solution is simple… One ‘sneaky’ cup of fruit and vegetable juice daily, that tastes great and is packed with the recommended daily fruit and vegetable needs for your kids. Imagine your children pestering you not for sweets but for fruit and vegetables!

We say ‘sneaky’ as by adding the right combination of fruit and vegetables you will create a great tasting, health packed living drink. Delicious for even the most stubborn child’s palette.

If we learn one thing from big food companies, pushing us nutritionally dead food it should be packaging.

Packaging is everything! Now you can package all your children’s daily fruit and vegetable needs in one sneaky great tasting drink!

Vegetable juice full of nutrients


  • Juicing with OSCAR allows your children to absorb all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables with little effort on your children’s digestive system.
  • Juicing with OSCAR allows your children to consume an optimal amount of fruit and vegetables in an efficient easy manner every day!
  • Juicing with OSCAR allows you to introduce a variety of vegetables and fruit to your child’s diet without the battle that comes with introducing new healthy foods
  • Juice tastes great and Kids love it!
  • A healthy diet will lead to less missed school days, more energy and vitality and better overall health while also giving our kids the building blocks to build a strong and robust body for their lives ahead.


happy girl

Oscar Juicers CEO, Tony Hodge says: “Over the fifteen years I have been selling the Oscar juice extractor in New Zealand I have been impressed with the number of Kiwi mums who not only recognise the value of juicing but see it as a great way of getting more fruit and vegetables into their young children.”

 “The problem can be that the leafy greens, that we all know are so good for us, can be bitter when juiced alone, however when we add some carrots and an apple or two to sweeten things up you suddenly have a juice that appeals to those young palette's.”

Tony continues: “To get the message out to more Kiwi Mums and Dads on how good juicing can be for them and their children we have launched the Healthy Kids Initiative.

Our children are our greatest asset, let’s keep them healthy and well and get them into juicing on a regular basis, once they get into the habit and feel the benefits they will never want to give it up.”


Every purchase will receive our ‘Sneaky’ Kids Recipes with 10 fun superhero recipe cards. They will keep your kids super healthy!


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