Good to be Alive


goodtobealiveBy Marlena Odgers

In June 2011 I was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer and had huge tumours and most of my abdomen removed (more than was necessary - due to stuff for medical research being donated without my knowledge) and then the 'OK, go home and get your things in order - you have eight weeks to live' speech.



I had two options:

  • Option one (quote): Chemotherapy with no quality of life - and a 3% chance of living up to three years, but definitely death after that.
  • Option two: Follow Don Tolman's 28 day recovery and go on a 'farmacist' food regime (

So I did option two, not knowing whether it would work or not - but hell, I have had a great life! I am now completely free of cancer. I am a vego, no fish or meat, no animal rennet cheese, no pop soda, sugar
avoided. Yes to milk, cream, black coffee, organic red wine, naturally brewed beer, lots of veges, tofu, lentils, herbal tea, fresh air, loving relationships, 40 minutes' sun and walking 40 minutes a day. Never felt better!

28-day health recovery

For the first seven days, you eat no less than 225 g of brazil nuts, one large head of raw broccoli, and one large head of steamed broccoli per day.

Mix 28 g of whole ground flax seed, one large bowl of raw oatmeal (about a cup) without milk but sweetened with maple syrup (100% real maple syrup, no additives), and olive oil, lemon juice, salt things
and cayenne pepper being the only condiments (add according to your taste). Eat at least half of this mix each day. With this, snack on a variety of grapes (red, green and purple) throughout the day - one kilogram or more). Your only beverage is pure spring water.

On the morning of the eighth day all food and water is stopped. In its place you drink a minimum of two litres of freshly made 'cabala Juice (see below) and as much as you desire. No food! Just drink cabala juice for 14 days. The juice has to be made fresh daily.

Cabala Juice

Cabala juice is a health-givingmix that I have since recommended to hundreds of women who benefitted and healed all sorts of disorders. The ingredients must be organic.

applesC - about 2.3 kg carrots
A - 2 red apples
B - 1 beet (1/3 fist size)
A - 2 yellow apples
L - 1 whole lemon (rind and all)
A - 2 green apples

On the morning of the twenty-first day you indulge the same menu of the first seven days, to the end of day 28.

Mostly raw and plant-based foods

From this point on, it would be healthy to maintain a diet of 80% raw food from the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine's new Four Food Groups Chart (download this from The other 20% of the healthy diet would include cooked whole foods, especially heavy multigrain bread, real whole butter, onions, and tubers such as yams and potatoes.

Don Tolman's Farmacist's Desk Reference is available to purchase from his website - it's an invaluable set of two volumes. So good are they that I have cancelled my health insurance as everything I need is in there.

Also for a great detox you can go anywhere from 5 to 21 days with no water, no food, no supplements, no nothing, just air, sunlight, and cabala juice. You can do as many days as you like - but the more the better.

So, now I am alive to finish what I started over 20 years ago. Having specialised in skin disorders in my natural health clinics, I have launched Ameba Oil, an organic moisturiser ( Now we have several stockists in New Zealand and I've been invited by British Vogue to feature in the January 2013 issue. It is good to be alive. Health and happiness to all!

Marlena Odgers is a naturopathic doctor, medical herbalist, aromatherapist, massage therapist, refiexologist, reiki practitioner who has just moved from Rangiora to Byron Bay in Australia. She still drinks cabala juice every day, and includes celery and sometimes spinach.

Ken's Message for Kiwis

My good friend Ben and I were watching the movie Fat, Sick & Almost Dead and it didn't take long for Ben to say he would like to give the Vegetable/Fruit Juice fast ago. These guys in the movie did it for 60 days and wow they looked good.

So as any good friend would do, I said yup I will do it too.

That was the beginning of 30 days juicing. That's no food so to speak except juice. So really you teeth, mouth, stomach and other normal bodily functions from eating get a rest. Your weight drops rapidly and you feel great! Wow that's us.

It's called Re-Booting your body!

In the first week we were losing 1.4kg per day but this tapered off to a total weight loss of 26kg in 30 days and we both gained 4.5kg after we started eating again. Blood Sugars = Normal, Blood Pressure = Normal, Energy = Very High although endurance suffered in the gym. Dropped 2 sizes in clothing.

Would recommend this to everyone that is seeking ultimate health. Ben and I did this for the month of June 2012 a complete 30 days.

Feel free to ask questions and seek support if you would like to do this. The first 3 days are the hardest and having a buddy definitely helps. Alkaway NZ could be your buddy and will help you through should you require and help at all.

Some say that Blending is better than Juicing! I am not convinced. I have done both and for me if I want an instant detox energy fix it is the Juice that does it for me. Blending has its place especially if you are looking for a protein blend but for good health and instant extra large helping of vegetables Juice is the way to go. I have had most of the Juicers on the market including the Breval, and the Angel but sold all those and now have 2 Oscars. One at home and one in the office. To me you can't go past the Oscar.

Good Luck and Good Health.

Ken and Ben, Hamilton