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How to Juice Wheat grass with with OSCAR

First find yourself a nice lush tray of organic wheatgrass.
Now with a pair of scissors cut as low as you can. The light coloured stems at the bottom of the wheatgrass are the juiciest part.
Now another option for cutting your wheatgrass is a serrated knife. Just be careful of your fingers. I find this to be the fastest way to cut a tray of wheatgrass. Remember to cut as low as you can, getting as much wheatgrass as possible.
A great way to keep wheatgrass fresh is to harvest the whole tray and to store it in a plastic bag in the fridge for up to 10 days.

To get started first adjust the pressure cap to 5 to make sure you get the most possible juice from your wheatgrass. When juicing wheatgrass we use a finger sized portion. I use the thin end of the plunger to guide the wheatgrass down the shoot.
I like to give a few seconds in between each bunch of wheatgrass to make sure I get the maximum juice yield and not to overload the juicer.

Oscar is extremely effective at juicing wheatgrass using its cold pressing action to get the most from your wheatgrass and other leafy greens.

Wheatgrass is extremely sweet with the taste like sweet peas from the garden mixed with a bit of aniseed flavour.

In this video I juiced just over a quarter of a tray wheatgrass which has given me enough for three 30ml shots of juice.

And now for the benefits of wheatgrass: wheatgrass juice has many anti-aging properties including vitamin A, B complex, C, and E, Super oxide dismutase and a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements. It benefits blood cells, bones, glands, kidney, liver, muscles, spleen and your teeth. It also provides concentrated sources of selenium which helps eliminate toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

Wheatgrass is completely gluten free as the wheatgrass is cut before the plant forms a grain and therefore it has no gluten.

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 How to assemble and clean your OSCAR DA1000

In this video we will be demonstrating how to clean and assemble the OSCAR DA1000. We will begin by showing you how to assemble your OSCAR for juicing.

First take the drum, insert the auger, the juicing strainer following the grooves along the bottom of the drum, turn counterclockwise to attach the drum cap, attach the pressure cap and adjust to the best position, 5 for hard root vegetables and leafy greens and 2 or 3 for softer citrus fruit.

Attach the juicing assembled drum to the motor, attach the hopper. You are now ready to begin juicing.

Wash, dry and assemble your OSCAR DA1000 in less than two minutes.

After you're done juicing remove the juicing drum from the motor, bring it to the sink, remove the adjustable pressure cap, the drum cap, the auger and juicer strainer. Rinse in warm water, place in the drying rack. To make it easy for you to clean the small screen on the juicing strainer, your OSCAR comes with a small brush. Use the brush to clean inside and outside the screen. When the parts are dry it's ready to reassemble.

First take the drum, insert the auger, insert the juicing strainer along grooves at the bottom of the drum, attach the drum cap, attach the pressure cap, and attach the juicing assembly to the motor and the hopper on top of the drum.

The ultimate Green Drink juiced by the OSCAR DA1000

Potassium Punch Transcription 

Hi. Today I'll be making the Potassium Punch one of Dr. Norman Walker's amazing juice recipes and I'll be using the OSCAR DA1000 to demonstrate this juice.
Dr. Walker said that there is probably no food more complete for the organism then his potassium punch. He also spoke of the remarkable effect it has at reducing excess acidity in the stomach, making this an awesome awesome juice. One thing I want to mention before we begin is that OSCAR is extremely effective at juicing leafy green vegetables as well as all the other fruit and vegetable so you can rest assured that we are getting the most vital nutrients out of our fruit and vegetables and leafy greens. So for the recipe we have:

3 carrots 
2 stalks of celery 
4 lettuce leaves
a hand full of spinach or watercress whichever is available 
and a small bunch of parsley

If you know anybody that needs to get healthy and you think potassium punch would do them some good please like or share this video. If you're just getting started and you need an OSCAR, please visit www.oscarjuicers.co.nz where you can choose from one of four colours, 25 year's warranty on the motor and gearbox and 5 years on all the parts. OSCAR is designed to last a lifetime.

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OSCAR DA 1000 what Color would you choose

In this video we are showing you the four colours of the OSCAR DA 1000. 
I'll give a brief description of each colour and at the end video I'll show you where you can buy online direct from the New Zealand distributor.
First I'll start with the burgundy wine colour. This suits most kitchens. It comes with a chrome carry handle and a black drum cap.
Now for the chrome. The chrome is a great option because it reflects the different colours in your kitchen. It comes with a black carry handle and a black drum cap. To clean up the chrome just take a soft cloth and that will polish up the chrome plated plastic easy.
The white OSCAR comes with a white carrying handle and a white drum cap giving it a very uniform look.
The black OSCAR also has a very uniform look with the black drum cap and a black carrying handle.
Ordering online is easy just click the button below.
Enter your details now using the simple order form and select the colour of your choice.
Enter your credit card details and how you heard about OSCAR and click "Submit" to place your order.
Free shipping nationwide.
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How to Make Bannana Berry Ice Cream with OSCAR

Hi Keith and Stella here, today with the OSCAR Juicer we're going to be making some frozen banana ice cream with mixed berries.
To get started use your OSCAR's food processing attachment so what we've done is we've pre-peeled and froze our banana's and we put them here in a zip lock bag in the freezer last night and we're going to use 2 frozen banana's and a half cup of mixed frozen berries that we bought at the super market.
So we'll just get started with a half of cup of frozen berries. There you have it nice and easy fruit ice cream recipe for you to have at home with your children made by OSCAR
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Making Carrot Juice with the OSCAR DA1000

Today I'm bringing to you something very simple but very great and that is carrot juice I'm gonna make you some carrot juice today because it's simple. You can get a bag carrots at the grocery store for a $1.99 and go for it, what you're doing for you your doing for health and vitality immagine this amazing skin right getting all the vitamins and minerals and enzymes that you need into your body just keep life simple today make yourself a carrot juice. Okay I'm going to use my Oscar juicer here, nice and quiet nice and simple I reckon the Oscar best
price best machine a really good machine and great warranty in New Zealand. So nice n Easy you can take the fiber Buck out a cake with this, you can bulk out soup you can also put it of course in your compost your warm farm so there's nothing wasted when your juicing. Here we go so carrot juice is amazingly sweet as you may have tried before carrot juice is amazingly sweet I'll say it again but amazingly sweet kids will love it grandparents will love it you love it and will give you heaps of energy and you don't need a lot so that was about three or four carrots.
Here in this in this bit of juice mmmm the simple an amazing just simple juice its going to  give me a lots of energy so I can talk even faster for the next videocan you believe thatsee you next time thanks for watching please check us out on YouTube for more videos Facebook for simple recipes and on our website at oscarjuicers.co.nz

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